Heka Essential Oils & Bodycare

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Who Are We?

Heka Essential Oils is a small, family-owned company that offers pure, undiluted, therapy grade essential oils, artisan blends, and bath & body products. All of our artisan creations are made in small batches, with superior ingredients. At Heka, the focus is on the highest quality product and customer service excellence. If ever you are not satisfied, we will make it right, guaranteed.

Quick Facts about Heka Essential Oils & Bodycare

  • Heka Essential Oils was established in 2015.
  • All of our oils are sourced from eco-friendly farms and distilleries, worldwide.
  • Heka Essential Oils is a cruelty free company and only sources from cruelty free suppliers.
  • We offer many vegan products.
  • We ship worldwide.

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